List of Courses Offered at University of Ibadan

University of Ibadan Courses Offered;  Are you interested in knowing more about the courses offered by the University of Ibadan and the admission requirements for the 2023/2024 academic session? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you will find detailed information about the accredited courses offered by UI, the official UI courses and cut-off marks for admission, and the requirements for undergraduate students. This information will help you to better understand the admission process.

The University of Ibadan (UI) is Nigeria’s first university, founded in 1948 with a committee of distinguished Nigerians led by Sir Eric Ashby. Initially, UI was a college under the University of London, offering programs in Arts, Science, and Medicine. In 1962, it became the University of Ibadan and continued to grow and diversify its academic offerings. Over the years, UI has produced numerous leaders, scholars, and professionals who have made significant contributions to various fields in Nigeria and internationally. Today, UI remains a symbol of Nigeria’s commitment to education and progress, producing graduates who contribute to the nation’s development.

University of Ibadan Courses

The list of courses offered at the University of Ibadan (UI) is current and accurate. Please find the list below:

  • COLLEGE OF MEDICINE1 Medicine & Surgery
    2 Dentistry
    3 Physiotherapy
    4 Biochemistry
    5 Physiology
    6 Human Nutrition
    7 Nursing Science

    1 Agriculture
    2 Fisheries and Wildlife Management
    3 Forestry Resources Management


    1 Arabic Language & Literature
    2 Islamic Studies
    3 Archaeology
    4 Archaeology Combined:
    [a] Archaeology with History
    [b] Archaeology with Classics
    [c] Archaeology with Religious Studies
    5 Anthropology
    6 Classics
    7 Religious Studies
    8 Communication & Language Arts
    9 Linguistics and African Studies:
    [a] Linguistics
    [b] Yoruba
    [c] Igbo
    10 History
    11 English Language & Literature
    12 Philosophy
    European Studies:
    [a] French
    [b] Russian
    [c] German
    13 Theatre Arts


    1 Law


    1 Veterinary Medicine


    1 Agricultural & Environmental Engineering
    2 Civil Engineering
    3 Industrial Production Engineering
    4 Petroleum Engineering
    5 Electrical & Electronics Engineering
    6 Mechanical Engineering
    7 Food Technology
    8 Wood Products Engineering


    1 Economics
    2 Geography
    3 Political Science
    4 Psychology
    5 Sociology


    1 Adult Education
    2 Educational Management
    3 Teacher Education:
    [a] Arts
    [b] Social Sciences
    [c] Science
    [d] Pre-Primary Education
    4 Special Education
    5 Human Kinetics
    6 Health Education
    7 Guidance & Counselling
    8 Library Studies


    1 [a] Archaeology Single Honours
    [b] Archaeology Combined:
    • With Geology
    • With Geography
    • With Zoology
    • With Botany
    2 Anthropology
    3 Chemistry
    4 Industrial Chemistry
    5 Geography
    6 Computer Science
    7 Geology
    8 Mathematics
    9 Physics
    10 Statistics
    11 Zoology
    12 Botany
    13 Microbiology

We have analyzed the courses offered at the University of Ibadan and believe that you can easily find a course that suits your preferences. Suppose you are interested in pursuing admission to this prestigious institution. In that case, we can provide you with vital information on the required cut-off marks for each course and the necessary admission criteria.

To learn more, please click on the links below. We have articles that contain information on UI’s school fees and JAMB cut-off marks for your convenience. Click on the links to access the relevant pages.

UI Accredited Courses and Requirements

Applicants must possess TEC, NECO, or equivalent qualification in a maximum of two sittings and be at least 16 years old.

  • Have at least five (5) credit passes in WAEC, NECO, or its equivalent in no more than two (2) sittings.
  • You should be at least sixteen years of age at the time of application.
  • All candidates must beat the current cut-off mark for the University of Ibadan

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