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Lagos State College of Nursing and Midwifery Igando Past Questions & Answers;  Are you interested in getting admitted into the School of Basic Midwifery Igando? Then, this article is just what you need! It contains a comprehensive collection of past questions and answers that can help you prepare adequately for the entrance exam. The past questions are available in PDF format, which makes them easy to download and use for your studies. Whether you’re a new applicant or a returning one, these resources would be an invaluable aid in your preparation.

Lagos State College of Nursing LASCON, Igando Past Questions

At the School of Basic Midwifery Igando, we strive to make our nursing practical course easily accessible to all students. Our goal is to create a friendly learning environment that fosters critical thinking, practical lifesaving skills, and positive contributions to the global community. We understand that the entrance exams for our nursing program are crucial in the selection process. To help you prepare, we have created a comprehensive set of past questions and answers that are derived from previous exams. This study material is an ideal resource for your upcoming exams, as many of the questions are likely to be repeated directly or in a rephrased form.

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In order to pass any exam, it is crucial to use the appropriate study materials. At the School of Basic Midwifery Igando, we have provided all the necessary materials for a wide range of subjects, including Use of English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and current affairs. You can easily obtain our past questions and answers to help you prepare for the exam and increase your chances of success.

Samples of this study material

1. The two hydrocarbons used as lower and upper standards for petrol are
(a) isooctane and benzene
(b) heptane and acopenatane
(c) heptane and 2,2,4 rimethlpentane
(d) heptane and acopenatane

2. Benzene community undergoes ___ reactions
(a) addition
(b) elimination
(c) substitution
(d) amendment

3. Under high pressure, real gasses deflate from compliance with gas laws because their molecules
(a) experience repulsive forces
(b) have become more energetic
(c) have become less energetic
(d) collide inelastically

4. Which of the 3d, 4s, 4p, 4d has the lowest energy?
(a) 3d

5. One of the causes of algae growth in rivers is the presence of
(a) heavy metals
(b) pesticides
(c) phosphates from detergents
(d) high particulate loading

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