List of Courses Offered at Anan University

Anan University Courses Offered;  This article presents comprehensive information on the courses offered by Anan University, including the admission requirements for the 2023/2024 academic session. We have provided a list of accredited courses offered by Anan and published the official Anan courses and cut-off marks for admission. To give you a clear understanding of the admission process, we have listed the courses and requirements for undergraduate students at Anan University below.

Anan University Courses

The list of courses offered at Anan University (Anan) is current and accurate. Please find the list below:

Department Of Auditing And Forensic Accounting
  • i. M. Sc. Accounting
  • ii. M. Sc. Auditing and Assurance
  • iii. M. Sc. Auditing and Assurance
  • iv. M. Accounting and Information Technology
  • v. M. Accounting and Statistics
  • vi. M. Accounting Practice
  • vii. PGD Accounting
  • viii. PGD Auditing and Assurance
  • ix. PGD Forensic Accounting
  • x. Ph. D. Accounting
  • xi. Ph. D. Auditing and Assurance
  • xii. Ph. D. Forensic Accounting
Department Of Financial Management
  • i. M. Sc. Financial Management
  • ii. M. Financial Management
  • iii. PGD Capital Market and Investment
  • iv. PGD Financial Management
  • v. M. Sc. Capital Market and Investment
  • vi. M. Capital Market and Investment
  • vii. Ph. D. Capital Market and Investment
  • viii. Ph. D. Financial Management
Department Of Management Accounting
  • i. M. Sc. Management Accounting
  • ii. M. Management Accounting
  • iii. PGD Management Accounting
  • iv. Ph. D. Management Accounting
Department Of Financial Reporting
  • i. PGD Financial Reporting
  • ii. M. Sc. Financial Reporting
  • iii. M. Financial Reporting
  • iv. Ph. D. Financial Reporting
Department Of Environmental Accounting
  • i. M. Sc. Oil and Gas Accounting
  • ii. M. Oil and Gas Accounting
  • iii. PGD Oil and Gas Accounting
  • iv. Ph. D. Oil and Gas Accounting
Department Of Public Sector Accounting
  • i. M. Sc. Public Sector Accounting
  • ii. M. Public Sector Accounting
  • iii. PGD Public Sector Accounting
  • iv. PGD Treasury Management
  • v. M. Sc. Treasury Management
  • vi. M. Treasury Management
  • vii. Ph. D. Public Sector Accounting
  • viii. Ph. D. Treasury Management
Department Of Taxation
  • i. M. Sc. Taxation and Fiscal Policy
  • ii. PGD Taxation and Fiscal Policy
  • iii. M. Taxation and Fiscal Policy
  • iv. Ph. D. Taxation and Fiscal Policy

We have evaluated the courses offered by Anan University and are confident that you can find a program that matches your interests. If you are considering applying to this prestigious institution, we can assist you by providing essential information on the required cut-off marks and admission criteria for each course. To learn more, click on the links below. We have articles that cover Anan’s school fees and JAMB cut-off marks for your convenience. Follow the links to access the relevant pages.

Anan Accredited Courses and Requirements

Applicants must possess TEC, NECO, or equivalent qualification in a maximum of two sittings and be at least 16 years old.

  • Have at least five (5) credit passes in WAEC, NECO, or its equivalent in no more than two (2) sittings.
  • You should be at least sixteen years of age at the time of application.
  • All candidates must beat the current cut-off mark for the Anan University

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