Kano State School Of Nursing and Midwifery Past Questions and Answers | PDF DOWNLOAD

Kano State School Of Nursing and Midwifery Past Questions and Answers;  If you are planning to apply for admission into Kano State College of Nursing and Midwifery, we have made it easier for you to prepare for the entrance examination. You can now access the updated version of our page to download past questions and answers. We highly encourage all interested candidates to take advantage of this opportunity and boost their chances of success.

Kano State College of Nursing and Midwifery Past Questions

We have created study material to help first-time applicants unfamiliar with entrance exams.

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If you are preparing for the Kano State College of Nursing and Midwifery exams, our study material is an excellent resource for you. It covers all the relevant topics, includes the most common questions asked, and provides answers to each question. All you need to do is study the material thoroughly, one step at a time. By mastering the content, you will have a significant advantage over other candidates and increase your chances of scoring very high on the exams.

Samples of this study material

1. To determine the weight of an object, you could:
A. Use a beam balance
B. Use a spring balance
C. Find the force necessary to give it a certain acceleration
D. use none of these methods.

2. The density of a solid is defined as the
A. mass of the solid compared to the mass of an equal volume of water
B. amount of water displaced when a unit mass of the solid is immersed in it
C. volume per unit mass of the solid
D. mass per unit volume of the solid.

3. A few grains of table salt were put in a cup of cold water kept at a constant temperature and left undisturbed. Eventually, all the water tasted salty, this action is due to
A. convection
B. osmosis
C. capillarity
D. Diffusion.

4. The heat from the sun reaches the earth by the process of
A. insulation
B. conduction
C. convection
D. radiation.

5. Two lamps rated 40w and 220v each are connected in series. The total power dissipated in both lamps is;
A. 10w
B. 20w
C. 40w
D. 80w.

6. The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of a body is:
A. thermal energy
B. thermal conduction
C. specific heat capacity
D. thermal capacity.

7. If PHCN charges N5 per KWh, what is the cost of operating for 24 hours a lamp requiring 1 A on a 200v line?
A. N24
B. N32
C. N55
D. N40.

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