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Delta State Schools of Nursing Past Questions And Answers; If you are an aspiring nurse looking to get admission into the prestigious Delta State School of Nursing, you are in for a challenging yet rewarding experience. To prepare for your entrance exams, it is crucial to utilize past questions. These questions provide valuable insights into the exam format, types of questions, and difficulty level, which will help you to be well-prepared. In this article, we will explain why past questions are so important and how they can help you succeed in your entrance exams. You can now easily download Delta State School of Nursing Past Questions in PDF format for convenient access.

Delta State School of Nursing Past Questions

Preparing for the entrance exams of the Delta State School of Nursing requires dedication and strategic planning. One of the most effective ways to improve your preparation is by utilizing past questions. This approach will help you become familiar with the exam’s format, identify patterns, manage your time efficiently, and boost your confidence. By doing so, you will approach the exams with greater certainty and increase your chances of success.

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It can be helpful for candidates to look through previous exam questions as it will give them an idea of the exam’s structure and format. Practicing with these questions can help them become familiar with the types of questions, multiple-choice formats, and time limits that they will encounter on the actual exam. Over the years, many of these exams tend to cover specific topics or concepts repeatedly. By studying past questions, candidates can recognize these patterns and focus their preparation efforts on the most important topics.

Samples of this study material

1. When it is cold, the blood vessels of the skin
(a) dilate to increase the amount of blood flowing to the skin
(b) constrict to reduce the amount of blood flowing to the skin
(c) dilate to reduce the amount of blood flowing to the skin
(d) constrict to increase the amount of blood flowing to the skin.

2. Which path does sound entering the human ear follow:
(a) Oval window – ossicles – eardrum
(b) Eardrum – Oval window – ossicles
(c) Eardrum – ossicles – oval window
(d) ossicles – car drum – oval window.

3. What would happen to a man whose pancreas has been surgically removed?
(a) The level of blood sugar would increase
(b) The glycogen content of the liver would increase
(c) His blood pressure would decrease
(d) his weight would increase appreciably

4. What is the term used to describe the sum total of biotic and abiotic factors in the environment of the organism?
(a) habitat
(b) biome
(c) ecosystem
(d) ecological niche.

5. Two organisms of different species, living in close association but not dependent on each other are referred to as
(a) parasites
(b) commensals
(c) symbionts
(d) autotrophs

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