Benue State School of Nursing Past Questions And Answers | PDF DOWNLOAD

Benue State School of Nursing Past Questions And Answers; Our page provides easy access to genuine PDF downloads of past questions and answers for the Benue State School of Nursing.

Benue State School of Nursing Past Questions

The Benue State School of Nursing will soon announce the screening date for their entrance examination. With over 20,000 students having applied, it’s important to bring something unique to the table to be selected. Admission is solely based on performance in the entrance exams, so it’s essential to thoroughly prepare and not expect it to be easy.

We have meticulously collected past questions and answers from Benue State School of Nursing’s previous exams for your convenience. It’s important to note that these are not random questions, but a collection of previous exam questions that have been expertly answered by our team. This study material has an 85% likelihood of being repeated, either directly or in a rephrased form.

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For those who are wondering whether the study material is available in digital or physical form, we have good news for you. Both options are available. You can easily access the study material in PDF format on any electronic device, and you can also print it out after downloading it. The study material covers questions from the following subjects:

– Use of English

– Biology

– Chemistry

– Physics

If you experience any issues while downloading the study material, please leave a comment in the designated section. For those who need more assurance, we have included samples of the study material, along with instructions on how to download the full PDF file below.

Samples of this study material

1) Which of the following organs or cell components are common to a fern’s sporophyte and gametophyte?

A. rhizoids
B. roots
C. chloroplasts
D. leaves

2) In which of the following organisms does a single cell perform all the functions of movement, nutrition, growth, excretion, and photosynthesis?

A. paramecium
B. euglena
C. amoeba
D. spirogyra

3) In which of the following organisms would glycogen be stored?

A. spirogyra
B. Chlamydomonas
C Rattus
D. magnifier

4) The most successful group of animals in terms of diversity of species is

A. Mollusca
B. arthropods
C. mammalian
D. playthehelminthes

5) Flame cells are the

A. excretory system of worm
B. excretory and respiratory system of earthworms
C. excretory system of flatworm
D. excretory system of flatworms

6) Which of the following parts of a cell is living?

A. cell wall
B. mitochondria
C. food vacuole
D. calcium oxalate

7) The main function of blood in mammals is to transport

A. excretory materials from tissues
B. carbon oxide from lungs to tissues
C. digested food from all the body tissues
D. oxygen to the lungs

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